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Artificial grass
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Artificial grass

Benefits of Using Artificial Grass

Do you find it difficult to have a perfectly-maintained lawn throughout the year? Or are you simply too busy to water and trim your lawn? If you want to enjoy the beauty of greenery in your front yard but don't have the time or energy for its maintenance, then the answer is to replace your current lawn with artificial grass.

Artificial grass is made from polymer fibers and is very similar to real grass. Right now, it is used mainly for sports purposes like on soccer baseball fields. Artificial grass is also used for movie and TV sets where it is not very convenient to plant real grass.

However, in recent years more and more individuals are starting to use artificial grass in their own lawns. Artificial grass has many benefits and here are some of them.

1. Artificial grass is almost completely maintenance-free. Obviously, there is no need to water it because it is not real. There is also no need to mow your artificial grass because it does not grow.

2. Artificial grass stays green regardless of the season. With real grass, you will lose your verdant lawn when winter comes and you can never be sure as well if the grass will last through the summer, especially if there is a shortage of rainfall. Synthetic grass though will stay lush-looking even when your neighbor's lawn turns brown during the hot summer.

3. Polymer is harmless to children and even babies, which makes your artificial grass a great place to play on. Even if a baby accidentally puts some of the artificial grass blades in his or her mouth, there will be practically no harm done because the material is completely non-toxic. It is also safe for your pets to lie down on.

4. The softness of the artificial grass blades makes it safe to put up inflatable pools in the yard without them getting accidentally punctured by stray rocks that could be found amidst real grass. Also, if you install a playground set in your garden, the soft artificial grass can also serve as a cushion in case a child falls from the slide or monkey bars.

5. Artificial grass can be placed in shady places where real grass will otherwise die. It can even be placed over concrete or other surfaces where real grass cannot grow. The soft material is very easy to cut and install even around curved edges like garden paths and patio floors.

6. Artificial grass is easy to clean with just a splash of water. However, before you purchase your artificial grass, you have to make sure that it is highly resistant to fading. Otherwise, your grass will start to have a funny shade as the years go by.

With all these great advantages of artificial grass, there is no wonder that more and more people are using it as an alternative to real grass. Although it is a little bit more expensive than actual grass, the benefits certainly outweigh the single disadvantage of the high expense.

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